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Welcome to Jeffersons Fine Jewellery

Your friendly jeweller specialising in Fine Jewellery: GIA Diamonds, Engagement Rings, Bridal Jewellery and Wedding Rings.

Hi, it’s great to meet you! I’m Chelsea the owner of Jeffersons Fine Jewellery, an independent jewellery company based in Liverpool in the North of England, UK.

Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands and Diamond Collections

Jeffersons design, craft and source the most beautiful, quality items of diamond jewellery for your special occasion. Our team use modern and traditional techniques to craft your beautiful creation and most of our pieces are bespoke and created especially for you. Using expert master-craftsmen and jewellers, each piece is manufactured and hand-finished within the United Kingdom.

As well as Diamond Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands and Eternity Rings, Jeffersons has a beautiful collection of Diamond Jewellery that can be worn and loved every day, which includes diamond tennis bracelets, diamond earrings and Childrens Jewellery.

We Come To you Brand

The first question my customers always ask is- where are you based? Which nearly always transpires to where is your shop!? So, let me explain; I don’t have a shop, store, or boutique. Jeffersons is a concierge business based in Liverpool, an appointment-only- we come to you brand. I am passionate about providing an excellent service and truly believe that this new exclusive way of shopping, is going to take hold of many sectors over the next few years. Along with this, I believe that I can bring fine jewellery to the market without the price tag. I have built a strong e-commerce site where customers can purchase my products online too, but getting to meet my customers in person is still the favourite part of my job-this is how I built my brand and the part I love the most. Doing this allows me to provide thorough advice, education and establish trust that can be more difficult to create online.

Following our initial consultations, we then arrange the best time and place for us to meet and then I arrive with lots of different samples, metals and gems depending on your enquiry. Jeffersons also have partnerships with some amazing hotels, if you would prefer to meet in a neutral location- this is great for us too.

If you are looking for some inspiration or would simply like to get a feel for our brand, our Jeffersons website is a great place to start: or you can follow our social channels for up-to-date info, products and events. Instagram

GIA Diamonds

Some of my customers have referred to me as the Northern Diamond Girl! (Wowee thank you!!) … I have unrivalled access to gemstones and diamonds and here is the part my customers love the most- my prices are fair, transparent and competitive! I spend hours upon hours finding the finest gems at the best prices, because I want my customers to have the best, for the best price. For example, I only select GIA certified diamonds because these are renowned for being the best and have the most stringest grading facilities in the industry. The GIA Difference –

Fine Jewellery Without The Price Tag

And yes, I have heard the saying “you get what you pay for” and in most instances I don’t disagree. But when I was setting up my business, I focused on what I needed to, to ensure I could keep the costs as low as possible. I knew that fewer overheads meant I could pass on better savings to my clients. My prices certainly don’t mean the product is inferior- but you can see this for yourself when we meet. Being able to offer bespoke, diamond jewellery at the prices I do, is true to my brand, without any compromise to the amazing service I aspire to deliver.

Appointment Only Service

My appointment only service allows me to dedicate enough time to each customer. Appointments are subject to Jeffersons terms and conditions and are limited (please contact me 8 weeks in advance of your special occasion) Consultations with Jeffersons can be as long or short as you need them to be and can be in your home, office or place of work (where convenient obviously) I will guide and advise you about each diamond, gemstone, material and everything you need to know- so you can decide for yourself. My sample rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets are a great way to see my jewellery designs too- before you proceed. I don’t leave any stone unturned, so you as a customer can be 100 percent confident Jeffersons is the best service for you.

For those customers who I cannot conduct a face-to-face appointment with, I have e-consultations through Teams or Facetime and WhatsApp seems to be a popular way to communicate at the moment too. you can send me as little or as much information as you have and we can take it from there.

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A million “thank yous” and I can’t wait to hear from you!

Chelsea xxx